As a police officer was  circling a bar in his vehicle watching for potential impaired drivers a black sedan came to his attention.  The officer began to follow the sedan and soon after the sedan took off at a very high rate of speed.  The officer followed and estimated that the sedan got up to speeds of 130 km per hour as it weaved in and out of the oncoming lane and passed vehicles on double solid lines.  The sedan got ahead of the officer and out of sight however soon later the officer came upon the sedan crashed in a ditch.  A telephone pole had been destroyed in the accident which cut power to the entire community.  The client was found behind the wheel and was arrested at the scene and charged with dangerous driving under the Criminal Code.  At the outset of the litigation Mr. van der Walle sent a detailed disclosure request to the Crown.  By the time the trial rolled around 8 months later, the Crown had still not provided the defence with some relevant disclosure Mr. van der Walle had been requesting from the beginning.  Mr. van der Walle sent notice to the prosecutor that he would be applying for a stay of proceedings on the grounds that the Crown had violated the client’s constitutional right to full disclosure of the case against him.  Sensing that he had a problem, and much to his credit, the prosecutor agreed to drop the criminal charge if the client pled guilty to a Motor Vehicle Act offence.  Client was sentenced to a small fine and was able to keep driving for work.
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