Just as a civilian was a about to make a left turn at an intersection a car came flying by the side of the vehicle, clipped it, and went flying into the bushes. The client turned out to be the driver of the car that ended up in the bushes. He emerged from the wreckage and asked the driver of the other vehicle to not call the police. However the police were called and upon arrival noted the client to have an odour of alcohol about him and the client confessed to having consumed some alcohol. A demand was read and the client blew a fail into a roadside device. The client was arrested and taken down to the police station to provide samples of his breath into an approved instrument. The client refused to provide those samples. He was charged with impaired driving and refusing a breath demand. Just prior to trial Mr. van der Walle negotiated with the prosecutor and pointed out some of the weaknesses in the Crown’s case. As a result of those discussions, the Crown agreed to withdraw the criminal charges in exchange for the client’s guilty plea to driving without due care and attention contrary to the Motor Vehicle Act. The client was able to keep driving so he could keep his job. Not guilty of all criminal charges. No trial necessary.

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