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Firearms Offences

There are many different firearm offences in the Criminal Code, some being more serious than others however it can generally be said that firearm offences are viewed very seriously by the courts.  The Crown is always required to prove that you had possession of the firearm.  It is very important that if you are found by police in a vehicle or a house in which a firearm is also found, you must keep your mouth shut!  Do NOT tell the police that you were aware of the presence of the firearm.  Your silence can never be used against you.

Sentences range considerably for firearm offences.  For example, storing a firearm that you are licenced to possess contrary to the regulations will usually result in a fine for a first offence.  However, the offence of possessing a loaded prohibited firearm without a licence will frequently result in Federal penitentiary time, notwithstanding that the 3 year mandatory minimum for the offence was  struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2015.  This is especially so when large amounts of drugs and/or cash are found along with the loaded firearm.

If you are charged with a  firearm offence you need to hire a lawyer who is extremely well educated on the law of possession and illegal search and seizure.  Julian van der Walle has defended many firearm cases with success and knows everything there is to know about the law of possession and illegal search and seizure.  If you are charged with a firearms offence call now to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.

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