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Appeals are different than trials and are not simply a chance to have another “kick at the can” with a new trial.  The focus of an appeal is always on the trial judge’s reasons for judgement.  If a person is convicted and they appeal, they must be able to convince the appeal court that the verdict was unreasonable, that a miscarriage of justice occurred, or that the trial judge committed an error of law that went to the heart of his or her reasons for convicting you.

Julian van der Walle has conducted and won appeals in the past.  He has appeared at all levels of court in this province including the BC Court of Appeal and he will be appearing in the Supreme Court of Canada in January 2017 to argue an appeal related to a search warrant issue.  He has vast knowledge of the case law regarding appeals and if there is arguable case to be made that the trial judge in your case committed a legal error in convicting you, he will be able to identify the error and strongly argue that the conviction should be overturned.  If you have been convicted and want to appeal call now to set up a free consultation with Mr. van der Walle to discuss the appeal.

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