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Category: Past Wins

The Queen v. R.(D.) 2018

The police attended the client’s home near Nakusp, BC to check on the well being of a woman that the police had received concerning phone calls about.  While standing at the front door to the residence, the police officer was able to speak with the woman and determine...

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The Queen v. C.(H.) 2018 #1

Client faced very serious charges of possession of cocaine and fentanyl for the purposes of trafficking. The police received a complaint of an assault with a weapon that specifically alleged that at a public parking lot two men had bear maced another man and fled in a...

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The Queen v. M.(B.) 2018

The client was charged with assault causing bodily harm after he was involved in a physical altercation with another man at a local poker game.  The alleged "victim's" teeth had been knocked out during the altercation while the client was left virtually unscathed. ...

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The Queen v. T.(G.) 2018

The client was arrested after she was called in by a concerned citizen after the citizen observed the client drive her car up on a parking lot curb and high centre her vehicle, and then try over and over again to move the vehicle without any success.  When the officer...

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The Queen v. C. (J.) 2018

The client was observed accelerating in an aggressive fashion while he left a store parking lot. He was pulled over by police and after a brief investigation, the officer demanded a roadside sample. After blowing a "fail" the client was arrested and ended up providing...

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The Queen v. W. (C.) 2018 (Provincial Court of Alberta)

Client was the passenger in a car that was pulled over for speeding. After smelling marihuana the officer called for back up. The client and the driver were arrested and two firearms were found, a sawn off shotgun and a loaded pistol. The client was charged with...

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The Queen v. D. (B.) 2018

The police were dispatched to a single-vehicle accident on a ski resort mountain road.  The police found the client walking on the road near the crashed truck with a sleeping bag slung over his shoulder.  He admitted to being the driver of the vehicle and one thing...

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Superintendent v. S.(D.) 2018

Client was given two 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions in a little over a year. She retained Mr. van der Walle to write the argument on both reviews. On both occasions Mr. van der Walle was successful and the driving prohibition was revoked with all towing and...

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The Queen v. O. (T.) 2017 (Provincial Court of Alberta)

The client was pulled over for having no mud flaps close to the town of Lake Louise on the Trans Canada Highway. The police officer made certain observations that led him to suspect the client was in possession of drugs. He detained the client for a drug investigation...

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The Queen v. W. (L.) 2017

The Queen v. W. (L.) 2017 Client was charged with sexual assault after a woman reported to police that she had awoken to her mother's ex boyfriend on top of her in bed.  The woman's story changed many times in the next month as the police interviewed her again for...

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The Queen v. A. (M.) 2017

The Queen v. A. (M.) 2017 A motor vehicle accident occurred in the early morning hours on a ski resort mountain road.  The client was driving a vehicle that rear ended another vehicle at a stop light.  Thankfully the woman and sole occupant of the vehicle that was...

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The Queen v. M. (W.) 2017

The Queen v. M. (W.) 2017 Client was charged with making and possessing child pornography after the police executed a warrant at his house and found pictures on his computer and on digital storage devices that contained images of a day at the beach and on the boat...

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