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Computer Crime

We will live in a new digital world in which almost everyone is connected to the internet through their smartphone 24 hours a day.  As technology progresses crimes become more sophisticated and so do the techniques the police use to detect such crimes and identify the culprit.

There are many different crimes committed with the use of computers, the most prominent of which is child pornography offences and complicated frauds.  The police use a variety of very sophisticated techniques to identify the specific computer responsible for the crime.  They then can find out what address the computer is located at and they then get a search warrant for that address.  When the police arrive with the search warrant they will try to get you to confess to being responsible for the crime.  It is critical that you remain  silent and tell them that you want to speak to a lawyer right away.  Your silence can never be used against you.

It is absolutely essential that if you charged with a computer crime you hire a lawyer who knows the law of search and seizure inside and out.  If a defect can be discovered in the search warrant it can lead to all of the evidence being ruled inadmissible against you.  Julian van der Walle is very well educated on the law of search and seizure and will be able to discover any defect with the warrant.  If you have been charged with a computer crime call now to set up a free consultation to discuss your charges.

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