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Category: Past Wins

The Queen v. H.(B.) 2022

   The police in Montreal executed a search warrant on a suspected member of the Irish mafia's home and discovered a number of "ghost guns", which are guns that have no serial number and are thus untraceable.  During the search the police found an invoice and receipt...

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The Queen v. V.(C.) 2022

   The client was pulled over near Vernon after a 911 caller had reported his vehicle as driving very erratically and even straddling the lanes of the highway for lengthy periods of time.  Police ultimately pulled the driver over and after some investigation came to...

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The Queen v. S.(J.) 2022

   Multiple drivers on the highway between Lake Country and Kelowna called 911 to report a very erratic driver who was described as weaving all over the road and almost causing numerous accidents.  A short time later police set up surveillance on the highway to...

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The Queen v. W.(A.) 2022

 Police were called to the scene of an accident after reports came in of a truck clipping the side of a parked car at high speed which caused the truck to roll over.  When police arrived they found the client sitting nearby on a  sidewalk.  After speaking with the...

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The Queen v. T.(M.) 2022

 The client was charged with uttering forged documents and attempted fraud after a number of luxury car dealerships in Kelowna complained to police about the client's recent attempts to obtain financing in which they believed he had relied on falsified financial...

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The Queen v. M.(T.) 2022

 A police officer patrolling the town of Armstrong in the middle of the night noticed a car in a gas station parking lot that contained a man sleeping in the driver's seat.  The officer approached the vehicle to check on the driver to see if he was alright.  The...

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The Queen v. B.(C.) 2021

  The client crashed into a telephone pole in front of an apartment building in Kelowna.  When people from the area came to the scene to see if he was alright, the client reeked of alcohol and babbled almost incoherently about how he had been in trouble for impaired...

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The Queen v. G.(R.) 2021

The client left a bar and was driving behind two vehicles when he became impatient and decided that he wanted to pass the two slow moving cars in front of him.  As he did so, the car in the lead turned left into a driveway which resulted in the client's truck hitting...

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The Queen v. E.(T.) 2021

The police responded to a report of a possible impaired driver by a woman who was awoken to a truck crashing into her car outside of her house in the middle of the night.  When police arrived they found the client standing near the damaged vehicles.  After making some...

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The Queen v. W.(D.) 2021

 The client was originally "charged" with a peace bond allegation after his ex wife complained to the police that he had sent her text messages that suggested he had been watching her in the hot tub with another man.  A very aggressive Crown prosecutor took over the...

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The Queen v. B.(R.) 2021 (Hinton, Alberta)

 The client was pulled over travelling through Jasper Alberta for having illegal window tints on his vehicle.  When the officer began writing the ticket he noticed that the client had been the subject of numerous drug trafficking investigations in the past.  This...

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The Queen v. F.(W.) 2020 #2

 The client was pulled over leaving a bar in Revelstoke after a cab driver tipped off police that the client may be impaired driving.  The client blew a fail into a roadside device and was taken to the police station to provide samples.  At the police station he ended...

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