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Why do you have the right to remain silent?

  The Presumption of Innocence and Police Conduct: Why You Have the Right to Remain Silent Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees all citizens: “the right to life, liberty, and security of the person and the right not to be deprived...

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Is Impaired Driving a Criminal Offense?

  Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of either alcohol or narcotics is a very serious issue both from a legal standpoint and from a safety perspective. Intoxicated motorists create genuine road risks to both themselves and other drivers. The real public...

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How Legalized Marijuana Will Affect You

  British Columbia has announced that it will legalize and regulate the use of recreational marijuana in the near future. Once legalized, anyone over the age of 19 will be allowed to buy marijuana from either privately or publicly owned marijuana distributors....

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Changes in Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Changes in Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Canadians have recently heard a lot about mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) for criminal and drug offenses. A survey concerning the MMS was conducted by the federal government. This has resulted in some commentators wondering if...

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The delay on Canada’s prospect of legalizing marijuana

The delay on Canada's prospect of legalizing marijuana After many years of marijuana being smoked in secrecy or eliciting arrests when smoked publicly, Canada is considering legalizing its usage. Amidst the numerous onlookers to the House of Commons health committee...

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Social Media Bans: Reasonable Or Foolish?

Social Media Bans: Reasonable Or Foolish? With the way technology progresses, it is sensible to update laws and punishments to accommodate the situation. For instance, when someone is legally prohibited from communicating with another person: years ago, the...

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What Constitutes Public Intoxication?

What Constitutes Public Intoxication? First thing to be aware of—being intoxicated in public is not a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada. This means even if you are arrested or detained for public intoxication, it will not appear on your permanent record....

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You’re RIGHT To Remain Silent – Here’s Why 

You're RIGHT To Remain Silent – Here's Why As many times as we have heard the words on TV, few people understand their right to remain silent when being questioned by police. One recent story illustrates why it is so important to know, understand, and exercise this...

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